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Overview The CME SupportEvents Program allows enterprises to match the support plan to their needs. ServiceEvents includes three levels of support, from premium (Gold) to value-based (Bronze) plans. All plans include live hotline support with time-based escalations to ensure high-quality, timely service.


SupportEvents plans include the following services: 

  • Hotline support for logging incidents and for verifying bugs. 
  • 2nd Level support for more extensive diagnostics and configuration issues. 
  • 3rd Level support for bug fixes. 
  • Management escalation for high priority issues.

The chief differences among the options are: 

  • Coverage hours and days of coverage. 
  • The amount of time that can elapse prior to escalation to the next level (such as from a hotline call to 2nd Level support). 
  • Types of support provided.


Support plans are summarized below. For more information, refer to the CME Services Datasheet (PDF format).

  • SupportEvents Gold: The Gold plan includes the highest level of service and is tailored to the mission-critical needs of enterprises. 
  • SupportEvents Silver: The Silver plan is tailored to enterprises that demand high responsiveness but do not have extremely time-critical operations. 
  • SupportEvents Bronze: The Bronze plan is tailored to enterprises that require cost-effective support for pilot projects or applications that are being launched.

Additional Information 

Should the above programs not meet your needs, custom support plans are available. To contact a CME Sales Representative to discuss the best option for you, click here.


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