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Strategic Consulting
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One of CME's core advantages is in speed of implementation as compared to legacy approaches. CME implementation services combine the best of both worlds - powerful results and a fast timeframe. To ensure that both budgets and schedules are met, CME provides a wide range of implementation services. As evidence of CME's robust technology and consultants, some services in fact are offered on a fixed-price basis.

Turbo charging Services 

CME consultants can turbo charge investments in ERP, ERM, and legacy applications such as i2, Manugistics, PeopleSoft, and SAP. Application value can be boosted substantially via one or many of the following techniques: 

  • Event emulation: CME software and consulting can transform the operation of any application from batch to real-time, event-driven operation without requiring application modifications.
  • Improved and collaborative business processes: Flexible business processes can be set up among organizations and applications with minimum to no application changes.
  • More current and accurate data: CME consultants can leverage real-time data capture technologies, such as RFID, to deliver more accurate data, more quickly, to existing applications. 
  • J2EE enablement: Even legacy applications can be J2EE-enabled via a CME or custom JCA adapter coded and customized by CME. 
  • Transformation into collaborative Web Services: Any application can be transformed into a Web Service by having CME publish all or a subset of functionality to Web-based applications.

Integration Services 

Integration Services help the organization leverage its existing investments, thereby achieving a much greater return on investment. 

  • XML Switching / Event Routing: CME consultants can set up event capture and routing among any combination of legacy, ERP, ERM, and other applications. 
  • Process / Data Integration: CME consultants can help map business processes and integrate both processes and data among any combination of legacy, ERP, ERM, and other applications. 
  • Security Integration: Security integration work can include ACL integration, encryption, and messaging support. 
  • Web / PDA enablement: Existing applications can be accessed via a Web browser, running on full-power workstations or on handhelds.

Product-Related Services 

These services ensure that CME applications deliver results quickly. 

  • QuickInstall: Fixed-fee installation efforts for CME products. 
  • QuickUpgrade: Fixed-fee upgrade efforts for CME products.

Contact a CME Sales Representative either to inquire about the above services or to specify an implementation that's right for you by clicking here.


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