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Suite Applications 

CME Suite Applications are full-function applications for Global 5K companies and Defense. Suite applications combine built-in best business intelligence and practices with unique XML-based event routing and application interoperation capabilities. Suite applications leverage the power of the AdaptLink platform to realize the efficiencies of computer-assisted data capture, portable power, and distributed operations.

  • CME Total Asset Visibility (TAV): CME TAV provides a satellite view of every asset in the Supply Chain, across geographies, up and down organizations, and throughout organizational processes such as manufacturing, deployment, repair, and more. For more information, refer to the CME TAV Datasheet (PDF format).

  • CME Reverse Logistics Manager (RLM): CME RLM not only guides the right action (such as refurbish, repair, remanufacture, and more) for each component, even for complex goods, but also delivers complete visibility throughout the process. For more information, refer to the CME RLM Datasheet (PDF format).

  • CME Track: CME Track provides the level of detail needed to efficiently manage inventory for manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities while fully integrating with enterprise planning and management products. For more information, refer to the CME Track Datasheet (PDF format).

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