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Thursday September 13, 6:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Commerce Events in select list of software companies being showcased by the Software Development Forum 

Campbell, CA - September 13 -  /PR Newswire/ Commerce Events (CME) has been selected to participate in the Software Development (SD) Forum’s Fall Showcase on Thursday, September 20th, from 3 to 8pm.  This event is organized each year to showcase only a handful of  software and Internet companies.  It will be held at the SD Forum Center located at 111 W. St. John Street, Suite 200 in downtown San Jose.  Please visit the following URL for more information

The Executive team from CME will be on hand to introduce the new Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) products from the company.  The session will focus on the benefits brought to the enterprise by these wireless, position based, collaborative and event driven execution systems.  This will be followed by live demonstration of  Radio Frequency based Warehouse Management System from CME.  The demonstration will describe how the use of Radio Frequency technology, coupled with powerful real-time and fully distributed software infrastructure can dramatically improve operational efficiencies in Logistics and Warehousing.

“In all industry segments the trend is towards personalized products and mass customization” says Anand M. Das, CEO of Commerce Events. “The shrinking product life cycles and accelerated business processes is reducing the timing delta between planning and execution systems leading to real time, event driven supply chain ecosystems. The current centralized, monolithic and batch driven enterprise systems are unable to meet these new enterprise requirements.  CME is building next generation execution systems that provide tight synchronization for all enterprise business processes including manufacturing, scheduling, purchasing, warehousing, logistics, capacity and cash-flow planning”.

About SDForum

The non-profit SDForum is the premiere Silicon Valley organization connecting software professionals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry experts and major technology companies. For more information please visit

About Commerce Events

Commerce Events Corporation (CME) is a Silicon Valley based company focused on providing next-generation ERM and Supply Chain applications for Defense, Retail and High Tech Manufacturing industries.  These applications are based on the industry standard J2EE architecture and support BEA (NASDAQ: BEAS) Weblogic®, IBM (NYSE: IBM) Websphere ®, SUN (NASDAQ: SUNW) iPlanet ®, HP (NASDAQ: HWP) Bluestone® and other market leading application servers. 

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