Women In International Trade


Understanding RFID Technology and its Application in International Trade




RFID (radio frequency identification) is an automatic data capture technology that, in enabling the efficient tracking of products, has the potential to transform the way companies manage their global supply chains.  Questions abound: what is it and how is it applied?  How will it affect international trade?  What are the policy issues? 


Please join us for a brown bag lunch featuring an introduction to RFID—the technology, some of its applications, and the effort to develop global standards—presented by one of the industry’s leaders.  Anand Das, Chief Technology Officer of Commerce Events, Inc, and formerly Vice President of SAIC’s $550M logistics business unit, has led the development of RFID-related products and services for Fortune 500 and defense customers.   



Mr. Anand M. Das

Chief Technical Officer

Commerce Events, Inc.